a tale of two hearts

yay we're one and can eat strawberries

We invited a few of your little friends over on Wednesday for a play and a 
 'Yay, were one - finally we can eat strawberries' celebration.
They say you shouldn't give little ones strawberries before they're one. Opps I think you may have been 6 months when you had your first one. You LOVE them, so we knew you'd be a huge fan of your strawberry cake.
 Big kids were allowed in the ball pit too.
 You ate three watermelon slices that day...three!!
 Yep the strawberries were a hit with everyone...I'm sure all the mums loved getting those stains out.
 Yep you've definetly got some pretty good looking girlfriends.
 That is you giving Daisy a head massage. You weren't pulling her hair, just rubbing it. We were all as confused as she was as to what was going on...hahah.
 Aunty Maja dropped in and spoilt you rotten.
 So thankful you got to enjoy part of your birthday with a few of the little friends you've grown up with over this last year.

You are so love my boy.