a tale of two hearts

12 months...kinda

We made it - we managed to get 12 of these photos!!

I was really dreading this last photos, these last few have been really hard but you decided to surprise me. Your birthday week was rather busy so I completely forgot about this photo and then you crawled over to your cot and started pointing to your bird so I pulled him out for you. You then proceeded to lie down next to him and it hit me "oh your monthly photo!" so I ran and got my camera.

You then just layed on the floor (which you NEVER do!) and started playing and posing with him :)

Last month was kinda crazy busy so I'm sorry to say I really can't remember much (which is exactly why I've been doing these posts!!) 

So I'm going to cheat with this post because here are a few things you're now (as a 13 month old) doing that we don't want to forget!
  • You're playing on your own really well. You come up with your own little games and just potter around the house with your little make belive play. We love sitting quietly and just watching all the random little ideas you come up with. One of your recent favourites is playing with an empty 4L tin of olive oil. You carry that thing around like it's a little briefcase, try to put it on the pack of your pick up truck, play it as a drum, sit it up on the coffee table. It's really amusing!
  • You are very much your own little person. I know I've said this before but man you're determined and fiercely independent. When we go to the park you no longer need or want me around (much) you just head off and do your thing and will on occasion come to me for a cuddle, food or a hand if you can't quite do something on your own.
  • You don't want Dad to leave for work of a morning...it's pretty cute! As soon as you see him get in the shower we can tell that you know he's getting ready for work so you do whatever you can to stay as close to him as possible. Strangely enough, you more than happily wave good bye to him when he leaves!
  • You feed yourself porridge and weet-bixs really well of a morning with a spoon and all!
  • You get  hangry...bad! Over the last two days you've been really really really cranky and actually mean to other kids who have food if you're hungry. Once you've been fed you're back to your usually happy sweet self but until that happens, beware, hulk baby is on the loose! 
  • You love the little garden behind our house, you walk me down there whenever I take you outside our gate. You love the little piglet statue down there in the bush scrub.
  • You also really like visiting the granny who lives just behind us, you've walked me into her house twice now, she not so secretly loves your surprise visits of an afternoon!
  • You're running these days and are constantly on the move. Oh and you are sleeping really well and so are we for the first time in over a year!
  • You're talking and understanding lots more too. You love trying to say any word that starts with the letter B at the moment, ball, bubble, bird, ballon...the list goes on. Not that you say them clearly but you're clearly desperately trying to.
  • You're understanding a lot now, it's actually a little scary. You watched me wash the car the other day and today you walked up the the hose and picked it up to water the garden but you realised it wasn't on so you walked over to the tap to try and turn it on. You're clearly taking a lot more in then we realise!
  • You still love your books...oh how you love them! You bring us books throughout the day for us to read to you. We love it, cause you wriggle your bottom into our laps and we get to cuddle you!
Over the last month and a bit your Dad and I have turned to each other countless times and said "where did our baby boy go?" You're definitely not a baby anymore and we're both in shock as to how fast this last year has gone. We've been so intentional in enjoying and savouring every moment we have with you, I thought for some crazy reason that if we did that it may have made time move a little slower...hahah! It hasn't. 

We love you Lucas - you're an incredible little man to be around!