a tale of two hearts

birthday zoo tripping

Dear Zoo, has been one of your favourite books over the past year. 

While reading it to you for the thousandth time a few months ago, I wondered if maybe we could celebrate your first birthday by taking you on your first trip to the zoo.

We invited your three favourite friends, Baba, Dedo and Pop and did exactly that.

And just quietly...you LOVED it!

You had literally just turned one, so we weren't sure if you'd notice the animals. Oh you noticed them alright!!
We planned the whole day around the animals in your book. That's Dad and Pop trying to work out where we'd find the next animal.
This photo, yeah that's essentially how excited you were about everything!!! We were so impressed by how impressed you were.
Opps. This may be one of the only photos of an animal that day. Clearly I was a little more interested in watching your reaction.
I wasn't the only one!
That's you watching the hippo swim, dive under the water and run around. We asked you several times if it was time to go and you just shook your head to say no and kept staring. 
 Look at that face! You actually said "oohhh..wow" at this spot. It's pretty funny cause it was just a duck pond!
You noticing a theme? Yep, you spent most of the day in Pop's arms. You're not shy about making it known who you want to be near.
These next few photos are so funny. I call this the "Lucas effect"
Lucas: "Hey mum, see how sad that lady holding the wombat looks? I'll pat the wombat and watch what happens"
Lucas: "See that smile...happens ever time!"
Aunty Tanya!! She worked soooo hard all that week to make sure she could make it to the zoo for your special day! She loves you so much, we were all so proud of her.
You and Pop on the Sky Safari. The next photo is so funny...
 ...that face. You were so chuffed that you were able to sit on the seat like all the other adults. Sooo cute!
This was a birthday trip to the zoo...
...so we made sure we celebrated the occasion with a birthday cup cake!
I can not explain how much fun you are to be around. Happy Birthday Lucas.