a tale of two hearts

day trip to bowral

Your day sleeps are perfect for tripping around Sydney at the moment. So we thought we'd make the most of it and drove down to Bowral the other day. 
"Umm - I have a question, can I drink out of the big cup Dad?"
Someone was a little excited about her hot chips - I think she realised she may get to eat (some of) them while they were still hot!
You did a spot of window shopping, it is Bowral after all!
This was pretty funny - you kept bolting into stores and giggling as you were running away. 
We shared a carrot cake for dessert and by 'we' I mean J and I, not you. Sorry little dude.
 Yes - this perplexed us too. What is a Marry Poppins statue doing in Bowral? Turns out PL Travers, the author of Marry Poppins lived in Bowral for a bit.
 This guy on the other hand, well he's pretty much the reason the world knows Bowral! 
That's you with your first cricket bat of sorts and a mouth full of banana!