a tale of two hearts

Lucas gets dedicated

A few weeks ago we had your dedication at church followed by a lunch at Baba and Dedo's place.

You insisted on sitting with Pop...very sweet!
Look at you, you are so tiny and yet have so much personality! You were super keen to get up on stage during the service and you did but I was running after you at that point so I didn't manage to get a photo of it. Oh and you have an apple in your hand, you had it for most of the service, why? Cause you wanted to munch on an apple.
This couple - where would your Dad and I be without them. I'm praying you and your (future) wife are surrounded by friends with golden hearts like these two. 
Yeah, yeah I know, you're only one and I'm praying about your future wife, but that stuff is important to me, so pray I will!
You had a blast at Baba and Dedo's place!
Hahah, check out Rick, sneaky, sneaky!
That there is the little party trick Dad taught you. We ask you "How old are you Lucas?" and you do that.
And here is your crazy amaze-balls cake!!! Hayley thank you so much, it was perfect!

So grateful to God for trusting us to raise you. 

We're praying you grow up absolutely certain that you are treasured and loved by us and that one day you would be curious enough to wonder where our love for you comes from. 

Hint hint...check out the the inside of our wedding rings once you learn how to read :P

1 John 4:19