a tale of two hearts

mia and damir's wedding

This was the first wedding you Master Lucas were officially invited to attend, what a day, what a couple, what a party!!

We got the reception a little early so you got a chance to go for a little wonder and check it all out before the other guests arrived.
No this wasn't the official wedding feast, we just figured you'd probably turn into a little gremlin if you didn't have something to eat before we went inside. Dad was kind enough to put his suit on the line and feed you so my dress didn't get destroyed - ahh love!
Why the sad faces boys...don't worry you'll get your food soon enough, I promise.
You two - mates for life!
 That moment where you spot a bunny on the grass while mum's trying to take a photo  of you!
Those chairs...round and a round and around we go!
You know...just chill-axing.
Yeah your uncle is kind of into you...and I love it!!
 Mia you have got to be one of the most effortless brides I've ever laid eyes on!
 Love this!! Everyone is inside waiting for them to walk in and they managed to find a moment to sneak away and make out - yeah!!
I have to admit, your Dad and I were a little worried about this wedding. We weren't sure how you'd go...turns out you've definitely got the Macedonian party genes, a little party animal, exhausted but still killing it on the dance floor!