a tale of two hearts

bec's bachelorette party

We were in year 7, we'd just watched 'My Best Friends Wedding' and we were singing the songs from the movie as loud as we could, talking about what our weddings would look like. We annoyed people for months singing songs from that movie!

 In a few weeks time I'll be watching you walk down the aisle and know that I'll be humming these lyrics in my head :P

"Tell him that you're never gonna leave him
Tell him that you're always gonna love him
Tell him, tell him, tell him, tell him right now"

'Tell Him', The Exciters

Bec I can't quite describe how lucky I feel to have you in my life and how much your love, friendship and support means to me. You just get me. Turns out there really aren't too many of those people on the face of the planet. 

I am beyond excited to be able to stand by your side as you become a MRS. 

Dave, you are one ridiculously lucky guy...scored - big time!

Oh and one more thing? Can we pretend you're not married and do another one of these nights sometime soon? It was sooo much fun!!