a tale of two hearts

your first trip to the snow

A week after your first birthday, we packed up the car and drove down to the snow.

Taking our son to the snow has been something I've been talking to your Dad about since...before we were married!! Yeah I know. So as you can imagine, I was a tad excited.

 We've been to the snow lots of times but we've never had this much fun - we're sooo doing this again. And next time you'll be on little ski

The snow with a toddler

After our Bali trip we got a few emails and calls from friends asking about how we travelled with a baby and what worked. So I thought I'd jot a few notes down here on what worked for us with the snow in case a few of you are interested.

The trip down: We drove down at night. We packed the car, gave Lucas his dinner, bath, put him in his sleeping bag and off we went. It was so much easier than entertaining a very active 1 year old for 5+ hours in the car. 

Where we stayed: If we had squillions of dollars we would have stayed on the snow but alas. So instead we rented an apartment in Jindabyne. It's the first time we've been away with him where he's had his own bedroom, sooo much better! Yes, it costs more, but everyone sleeps better.

The great thing about staying away from the slopes was that Lucas had his morning sleep while we drove down and his afternoon sleep as we headed back to the apartment. Clearly if you have multiple kids or your little one is down to one sleep you may have to get a bit more creative. 

How long did we stay for: We were there for two days, which was more than enough time for a bit of a play in the snow. The first day was amazing, the sun was out, hardly any wind, the second day not so much. Most of the photos here are from the first day. Lucas really enjoyed himself the first day not so much the second day. It was just too cold. We spent more time indoors that day and ducked out for 10-20min at a time. 

Where we 'played with snow': We really wanted to experience the snow with him for the first time so we decided not to ski ourselves. We were just after somewhere we could have a bit of a play in the snow so we decided to head to Perisher. The big draw card was the tobogganing hill. It was a tough call because Thredbo has such a nice village and we weren't sure how much Lucas would like the snow. 

On the snow with a toddler: Go with the flow. We turned up knowing that he may very well hate it. If that turned out to be the case we were planning on either driving down to Thredbo to enjoy the village with him or driving back to Jindabyne to hang out by the lake. Fortunately he was a fan. We played around on the toboggan hill for an hour or so, we went inside for lunch and then headed out over to some trees to build a snow man with him and have a walk around in some fresh snow. We headed back to the tobogganing hill in the afternoon before we jumped in the car. He was probably on the snow for 2-3 hours on the first day and an hour or so in total on the second day.

Ski gear for a toddler: Lucas was very fortunate to have an overly enthusiastic grandma who bought him an entire ski outfit the day she found out he was heading to the snow! Winning! Just quietly, Aldi have great snow gear for kids! We did hire a pair of little boots for him and bought some gloves. We didn't have any trouble finding a pair of gloves in Jindabyne but friends who went down a few weeks after us did struggle.  Gloves are a must, especially if the weather is awful as it was for us on the second day. We weren't sure if he'd keep his gloves, beanie, goggles etc on. Once he worked out he was cold without them and that his eyes hurt from all the glare he wore the lot gladly! 

Oh and as for our gear...yeah my pants are from the 70's. An op shop find from years back. Did I stand out, oh yeah, in a good way? No. And as for J's snow gear. It's the same gear he's been wearing since he was 14. Yeah we totally rocked the snow in style this year. I'm still laughing about it! 

Would we do it again? Absolutely (with updated gear for us maybe...heheh). It's a lot more exhausting going to the snow with a toddler, A LOT, but it's sooo much more fun!!