a tale of two hearts

alex and nicole's wedding

We met Alex and Nicole earlier in the year when we met up to discuss their wedding day. A typical client meeting would last about an hour if that. This one lasted much longer, because we just kept talking, in a good way! When they walked out our door later that night, J and I turned to each other and pretty much said the same thing "wow- how sweet are they, such a beautiful couple".

I love wedding speeches, I know they're not everyones thing, but they're my thing. When you listen to a wedding speech you're usually a guest who's been invited because you know and love the couple. As a wedding photographer you only ever tend to have met the couple once, if that! So I always feel very honoured to be able to sit in the room as their parents and best friends stand up to share a few words. 

If only a camera could capture words. There was a waterfall of sweet words spoken about the way these two love so generously and share their lives with those around them. Yes, I'll admit I did have a cry at one point, from laughing that is, thanks to an epic best man double duo speech that will not be forgotten anytime soon!

Those speeches and the joy on your friends and families faces throughout the day made it so evident to us that you two know what love looks like. That you love and are loved well - you guys are going to love married life!!