a tale of two hearts

blue mountains

A few months back it hit me. Your Dad and I have a finite number of Saturdays that we get to spend with you before you think we're too boring to be around. So with that in mind we're really keen to make the most of each and everyday we have together, be it just chilling out in the backyard eating watermelon or heading out on adventures together. A few months ago we had a Saturday where we realised that we didn't have anything on, so we jumped in the car and drove out to the mountains, why not! It was one of those perfect Sydney winter days, the kind where the rest of the world looks on and says "seriously, you guys call that winter?", yes, yes we do!

"I don't get it guys, what's all the fuss about the Three Sisters, I don't see anything!"
 Yeah, I suspect you're going to be a big hit in Japan when we head over there.
 One guess why Dad's hands are where they are...yep, you kicked him hard in the unmentionables a few times!
 You were really keen to walk on this little bridge over to the Three Sisters on your own, you should have seen the look on peoples faces. It's incredibly high and there were a few adults who were struggling.
 The only way we could get you to smile in this pic was to ask you "how old are you Lucas ?"