a tale of two hearts

flying high

Remember this? Valentines day this year, flying high over Sydney. After nearly 15 years together we've both worked out that I like being out on boats and I like to be up in the sky, be it jumping out of a plane or flying high in a chopper. I don't think I'll ever get tired of doing those two things and I'm super glad you're now pretty keen (or at least tolerent) of them too, well except for the whole jumping out of planes thing. 

Being out on the water or up in the sky makes me realise how insignificant we are, how insignificant our lives are and for some strange morbid reason I find that comforting. Maybe I find that comforting because it reminds me that the crazy hard painful stuff we have to walk through, while it may seem like a big deal to us, in the scheme of things, it's not. 

It's so counter cultural when I think about it because we're constantly being told how important we are and how much we matter and at some level we do and we are, especially to one another, but I also think it's important to remember that the world doesn't revolve around us, that the sun will keep rising and setting with or without our presence and that's not such a bad thing, because it's not all about us, it never was.

Yeah wow - that got really heavy really quick. Sooo how about some happy snaps from this Valentines helicopter flight over Sydney.

Hahaha..just realised I'm wearing that lipstick you don't like but I love! I think this was the last time I wore it around you. Now I just pull it out when I go on my mummy dates :P
Next time I'm sitting in traffic, I'll try and remind myself that my car probably looks like a tasty m&m to someone flying over me.
Ahh Sydney - you sexy beast. Look at you, we all know every other harbour in the world trys to have an insta feed as cool as yours. 
Oh stop it, now you're just showing off!
Yeah that was pretty incredible!! How good is it being a tourist in your own town, especially when you're town, is Sydney!

Although, the last 10 minutes of the flight were really hard. All I could think about was the little person waiting for us at the other end. Yeah, turns out he was missing us to. Poor little chicken - look at that sad face. Oh how time have changed, I went to pick him up from Maya and Andrej's this afternoon and he saw me, ran over, gave me a hug and then giggled as he ran off to chase Tanya. As much as I miss his "I need you mum" hugs, I'm so proud to see his self confidence flourish!