a tale of two hearts

my 30th

30, my first year as a mum, the first year of life losing a mum. 

It's been a big year and I've learnt a lot.

One of those being - life is short.

I'm the type of person who gets a kick out of saving a penny today for a better tomorrow. Delayed gratification is my thing. So I'm having to teach myself that if there is something I've always had my heart set on, then do it now. Tomorrow is never guaranteed. 

Celebrating my 30th sailing on Sydney harbour was one of those things. It was one of those silly little dreams I'd had for years. There were so many things that would have made it so easy to put this in the too hard basket, I'm so glad we didn't.

It was a spectacular afternoon, shared with remarkable friends and I'm all the richer for it.

Do you remember this? Moments before this pic was taken, Bec got down on her knees (ok so we were both on our knees chatting and then she opened a box and I screamed "YES, YES, YES". Yep, she asked me to be her bridesmaid, on a boat on Sydney Harbour! Ahh the perfect bridesmaid proposal. Complete with pink m&m's.
 And now these two are married!
Lisa - I saw this pic tonight and my first thought was "Ahh..how did I miss this on the night, she's totally pregnant! Everyone is drinking and she's getting passed a water!"
 Oh, I miss you two. Loving the globe trotting blog updates though!
Oh my goodness how little are you, what a difference 8 months makes! Look at those chubby cheeks and thighs, so glad I smothered them in kisses daily cause they're now no more :(
I can still hear your voice and the things said that night Rell, including how perfect you thought my lipstick was for my dress.
Ahh...this one is my favourite of you two.
Classic Bardsley - these photos make me laugh so much. No idea what you're trying to explain here!
Dad, Lucas saw this pic today and started laughing and said "Dedo, Dedo" he's such a fan.
Umm...ladies, can we catch up sometime soon? 
And that is how you put a baby to sleep while on a boat!
Danny and his ladies - lucky man.
Knowing you two. let me guess - Facetime with the kids :D Just look at that smile on Pete's face! What else could it be!! Ok ok, so it may be a Fail compilation or something else of that vein...hehe.
Yes Sydney, you win "Best Harbour in the World" hands down! No place on earth I would have rather celebrated my 30th!