a tale of two hearts

a weekend with 7 under 3

This weekend was something else.

When you decide to spend a weekend with 7 kids under the age of 3 you naturally brace yourself. You know it's going to be loud, it's going to be messy but you also know that all the noise and mess will be worth it.

What happened last weekend still baffles my mind. The words peaceful and restful are not ones I thought I'd ever use to describe a weekend away with SEVEN kids under the age of three! And yet it was just that, seriously, just incredible. 

I now understand why the Piltz-West family holiday tradition continued on for 30 years. Cause it just works!

It was such beautiful weekend guys, loved the chats, the laughter and the way the little ones giggled and played together. Looking forward to creating many more memories with you all over the years to come.

Oh and how ridiculously good looking and hilarious are our kids!?! Just saying.

Reenacting a scene from star-wars here...I'm sure of it! Heheh.
Clearly they ran out of things to talk about...not awkward at all.
 Attempting the impossible...heheh. "Everybody smile at the camera!"
 "Yep, I drove that the other day with dad...don't tell mum she'll flip out"
Look Matt, if only this was so every minute of each day! Ahh, one can only dream.
Yeah I know, spins me out, such a Dr Who moment. 
Grown up J holding baby Paul. I recon there's got to be a photo somewhere of Paul holding baby J like this!
 So hard not to laugh. Poor Audrey and Cruz.
"Hey mate, when I said come sit with me, this isn't exactly what I had in mind..."
"...there we go...that's better!"