a tale of two hearts

hipsters move to the burbs

A new little cafe opened up just down the road from us the other week, it's run by hipsters. Yep the tight jean wearing type. I know, I thought they only existed in the inner west too - clearly they're venturing out into the burbs these days. 

A few Fridays back you decided to take me out for a milkshake to check it out. You put on your tights and wore your denim jacket and I totally cramped your style. 

You weren't such a fan of the milk shake but you really seemed to dig the tunes they were playing. It was so funny. You jumped down off the chair and started dancing away right near the speaker (wish I'd pulled the video camera out). It so funny, you were so into it, hands flapping and all. 

Ps: You're killing me with your smiles and cheeky antics these days. You are such a little dude. Can't tell you how much I love hanging out with you. We should totally do a milk shake date again sometime and I promise I'll try and dress a bit better so as not to cramp your style next time.