a tale of two hearts

a day with the fitzgerald's

I think I've said this before somewhere on the blog but I really do mean it. I love it when I get to see our friends live out their dreams! Spending the day with you guys on your beautiful property was one of those moments for me.

We miss you guys sooo much at church but it was so satisfying to see the beautiful life you have created. Getting to grow up on a property where you can climb trees, look for wombats, explore a forest, run free chasing the birds...all while in your backyard. It's incredible, what a gift to give to your kids. Thank you for these memories and many more to come in the years ahead.


Caitlin, I hope you know how cool your mum is to be so cool about you climbing trees!

Kev - these two photos are for you. See the one on the right, that's when she spotted you coming out of the house!

And just in case others thought I was just being polite in calling Bron a cool mum...I wasn't! Who said only boys can climb trees!! Go Caitlin!!

You know...just chilling and rolling around the grass.

Kev, this is your girl teaching us how wombats catch their food...she told us you taught her everything she knows.
Just look at that smile.

Lucas, this is that time Dad put your head down a wombat hole! Yes, seriously. I needed to take the photo just in case you don't believe me when I tell you later on in life! And was there an actual wombat in the hole? We weren't sure, that's why he put your head down to take a look :P