a tale of two hearts

on turning 31

Yep, I'm officially over the hill!
Just a little heads up to all the gorgeous 20 something girls I know - the view is so much better once you're over the hill, so get excited as you approach the big 30, don't dread it! Yes, I have lots more happy lines around my eyes and a whole bunch of other things aren't what they use to be. But I'm more comfortable in my skin then ever before and I suspect I'll feel even more comfortable when I hit the big 4-0!
Huge thank you to the boys (J, Brad and Lucas) for making me feel so loved on Friday.
And an especially big thank you to you J, for loving me so extravagantly.

Sitting on the boat with you two on Friday made me realise I've never felt more content, grateful and loved...my cup runneth over.