a tale of two hearts

celebrating your half birthday

So it was your half birthday today, which makes you officially one and a half!
We like celebrations around here, so we've now decided your half birthday is going to be a thing, so we took you out for a treat this morning before Dad went off to work.

18 month update

You're super active, into so much and just fun to be around; I feel like I say that all the time but you are so much fun. You're super playful and you intentionally try to make us laugh. You're really affectionate and give us kisses but you're not so keen on it when other people are around, and I totally get that. You're a really little dude and we're so proud of you.

Here are a few things we don't want to forget:
  • You love to draw aka 'daw'. If we're at home you'll ask multiple times throughout the day 'mummy, mummy, come, come, daw' and then you proceed to point to the chair next to yours and say 'sit'. 
  • You really enjoy painting and are rather bothered when the paint gets on anything other than the paper. You point at it, look at me and say 'clean'.
  • You're really enjoying the scooter that you got for Christmas.
  • You like to ride your cars and trucks around the house. You try to press buttons on your cars to make sure your rides are accompanied by music where possible.
  • You love balls and balloons you can never have too many of those around, they seem endlessly fascinating to you.
  • You negotiate everything and anything. From the amount of balloons I blow up, to the number of bed time stories we read, to the number of times we throw you up in the air. Your negotiation strategy goes something along the lines of "two more..two more" which we then follow with "OK but only two more" and you then nod your head and say "k".
  • You're really into play dough at the moment, you were playing away the other day and pointing and saying something and I was half listening and then you started making your monkey noise and I realised you were tyring to tell me you were making a monkey. You looked so proud when I said "oh you're making a monkey!" 
  • You were given a little wooden game where you get to chop carrots and you are obsessed with it! 
  • You tell us all where to sit, like all the time and not just us. You're slowly becoming a little more flexible about it but if we're honest you remind us a lot of Sheldon from the 'Big Bang' when you do it...heheh.
  • You're super confident with swimming, a little too confident, we need to get you into some swimming lessons asap.
  • Love to sing, be it into a stick, into your balance bike handles or to your stuffed toys as you fall asleep.
  • You really like Dad's guitars, be it strumming them, tapping on them and singing or riding them like a broom stick...yep true story, it looked very rock and roll.
  • You talk about our friends thoughout the day and it makes me so happy to see how much you think of them. At the moment, you keep mentioning Liam, Josh, Matt and whenever you mention Matt it's always followed with Em and AB. You put your little finger out and make that silly noise you and Josh make every time you think of him and with Matt and Liam you do little fist bumps in the air as though they're there with you.
  • You love your Dedo an Baba and Pop, you pretend to call them on the phone through the day.
  • You really enjoy facetime with Dad, although if you miss him you usually ask him to "come, come" or you point to the door and say "door" in a come through the door Dad, I don't want to talk on the phone. A little heartbreaking but also super sweet to see how much he means to you.
  • You've got lots of words now and you're keen to learn more everyday. It's incredible to witness how your little mind is expanding. You're not quite talking yet but you're best efforts have been 3 word sentences.
  • Food wise, you're pretty easy which is so nice, you get fussy from time to time, but no more then I would so I figure that's ok. It's so funny to watch you open the fridge up and stand there deciding what you want out of it. 
  • Sleep wise, we've finally made it to the promised land. The land where you go to sleep and don't wake up for 11-12hrs! It's amazing and we love it and we never want to leave it and watch now that I've said it, it'll all change tonight!
  • You're really into photos, I opened up a photo album the other day to show you some photos of Dad and I when we started dating to see if you'd recognise us, Dad before he had his current beard and me before I'd discovered tweezers for my eyebrows! We finished that album and you asked for another one and then another one. Four albums later you were finally satisfied. I'm really hoping this little passion continues to grow cause we have a lot of photos for you to look through :P
So many more things I could write but I'll leave it there. I'm so excited about the days ahead of us. You're a really wonderful little person and it's such a joy being able to do life with you Lucas.

We love you so much xx