a tale of two hearts

sam and beth

I find that love is one of the hardest things to explain and yet it's clear, simple and so obvious when I see it. As a photographer I've found it's presence to be as substantive and undeniable as the weather.  It overwhelms, moves and colours everything and I am obsessed by the way it undoes us, restores us and sustains us. 

Sam, Beth you two fit so perfectly together, it's almost as if someone designed you for each other ;) The love you each have for the other is written all over your face when you look at the other, when you go out of your way to make the other smile, when you reach out for their hand, when you try and sneak in a kiss while I'm busy looking down at my camera. Your love is sacrificial, authentic and so undeniable. Protect it fiercely, hold on to the Great Love tightly and ask Him each morning to teach you how to love better today then you did yesterday. 

This was so much fun guys, J and I are so excited for the big day!