a tale of two hearts

scenes from the holidays

We didn't do anything incredibly special over the Christmas-New Years break and yet we had a great couple of weeks just chilling, enjoying each other, the beach, our friends and family. Here are a few little snippets of our holiday over the last few weeks and the best part...summers not over!!

This is you on Christmas day. You asked me to plug in the vacuum cleaner and then to turn it on and  you started vacuuming the hallway and then your room. We'll consider this your first Christmas gift to us!
When they say beer and driving don't mix I don't think this is what they had in mind.
The amazing Laura at the Christmas day service, I had chills, such a beautiful performance!
You beach bum, you.
We went to the club for dinner and you decided you had enough of our company so you walked off and found a table all to yourself...hehehe!
You on Christmas day with your Christmas gift! Nailed it!
Exploring the rock pools, 'ell, dad, ell'
Wow, you are obsessed with Pop's music room. You pull yourself up on the piano stool and bang away at the keys swaying your head and singing along to who knows what, if only you could see how wide my smile is watching you.
You know you have incredible friends when they come for lunch and take over your kitchen and cook. Either that or they know how bad you are in the kitchen!
Never a dull moment when these two are around!
Your Aunt Amy, you were mesmerised by her on Christmas day, she was hilarious!
Your first ever paddle - you were so keen to do it yourself.
Spa time with Pop
Sitting on Dad's lap at church on Christmas morning watching the show.
 Monkey see, monkey do! 
If you ever become a nerd you may be able to trace it back to this very moment- your first game of The Settlers of Catan. Technically it was mine too, although it's fairly safe to say I was a nerd way before this moment!
 Found you again in Pop's music room, you didn't seem to care that the lights were off. Sang your little lungs out!
You with your Aunt Bec and Kelli, I can't wait for you to get to know them as you grow up. These two are the ones you want to hit up for stories about what sort of trouble I got into when I was little!
Those legs...AB could you possibly be any sweeter!
Christmas morning, you totally nailed the how to unwrap a gift thing and you were so excited about your 'car...bike'. It was a scooter but you kept calling it a car and a bike.
You and Aunt Kelli playing, she's so amazing with you.
GiGi giving the piñata a good shot as fireworks go off in the background. Obviously we were more impressed with her hits then the fireworks. I mean, how often do you see a 90 yr old hit a piñata!
The lengths we go to see our little ones smile...some of us go further then others! 
 You and Uncle Liam heading out for a paddle, you're such a fan of Uncle Liam and I totally get it.