a tale of two hearts


Dear Jaya,

I met your mummy a few years ago now and with each year that's passed I've discovered what a beautiful and generous heart she has. When you have a friend who is so thoughtful, considerate, wise, compassionate and generous you know you've lucked out.

When that person is your mummy...well - HELLO!

Yes, you young lady have hit the jackpot. Your mum has been so excited to meet you for such a long time. I can't tell you how beautiful it was to hear and see the joy and excitement in her voice when you were just a dream in her heart. 
Although it that doesn't come close to seeing her now hold that dream in her arms. 

Your mum and dad love you fiercely Jaya.

Oh and Lucas seems to be a fan too. Every time these photos have appeared on our computer he runs over and says "baby, baby, Jaya...ohh"