a tale of two hearts

easter egg hunt

When you become a parent every emotion you ever knew is intensified. I know, I know it's super cliche and that everyone says it but maybe that's cause it's true! 

You thought you knew fear, but then you had your first trip to the emergency department with your newborn and you realise that this thing you're feeling doesn't even resemble the emotion you once called fear. You thought you knew joy but hearing your child laugh for the first time makes you feel like you're seeing colours in the world you'd never seen before. You thought you knew love but alas, a bunch of flowers and dinner can't compare to the new depths of love you've dived, your love is inherently costly, self giving and sacrificial when you're up for the 6th time that night to comfort your sick child...for the 3rd night in a row!!

No wonder easter and all it stands for carries a lot more depth and weight for me these days.

Happy Easter y'all!!

Oh and on a side note how A-MAZING is K-mart, all the decoration, bags, little signs and banners are all from K-mart. This was going to be a playdate in the park and it turned into a little more when I stumbled across all that stuff at K-mart. That place is so dangerously addictive, love how it can transform a "hey who's free over easter for a playdate at the park" into a "let's do an easter egg hunt in the woods for the kids!". Oh K-mart, I love you, in the I'll buy you flowers and take you out to dinner kinda love, not in the I'm going to get up 6 times a night to comfort you when you're sick kinda love.