a tale of two hearts

thank you Dad

This moment: He was sitting next to J and then quickly announced "sit Dedo" jumped off his chair and ran over to you and sat on your lap and that said it all.

Dad, thank you so much for the way you delight, care for and look out for him. You are so attentive, so thoughtful, so selfless and generous in the way you love him. Every time I see you with him my heart explodes, for two reasons. Firstly, because you treasure my son and right now there is nothing that makes me feel more loved then seeing our boy being loved, delighted in and treasured. And secondly, watching you love him the way you do wakes me up to the fact that you loved me, delighted in me and treasured me much the same way when I was his age and that fact there makes me now as an adult realise just how blessed I have been to have you as my Dad.

Thank you Tato.