a tale of two hearts

around here lately

A few snippets of what we've been up to around here lately... 
You're going to have a little cousin!!
Summer went on and on this year so we made the most of it with lots of trips to the beach.
Yes, this was officially the first time you wore a thong and yes we'll be adding this image to your 21st collection. You're welcome.
Such a sweet moment. You asked Zipporah to sit next to you.
What Sunday lunches look like these days! Beautiful chaos.
We discovered the most enchanted little park when we visited Jaya.
There are moments when we look at you and it feels like we're looking a teenage boy not a toddler. This was one of those moment.
When you suddenly change your mind and decide you actually don't want mum to take a photo of you anymore.
Cheapest toy ever - flour.
You asked if teddy could have dinner with you. Yep, I felt like a third wheel that night!
Two year old birthday parties are pretty sweet these days!
You saw this photo as I was uploading it to the blog and immediately shouted "giraffe, lou, look, look giraffe" - seriously?! How on earth can you tell what you look like when you're looking at a giraffe? The scary part is that's exactly what you were doing here! 
Yeah, sorry about that, neither of you were into it when I asked you to hold hands.

Watching you loving life - our cup runneth over.