a tale of two hearts


I was packing your little bag so we could head out to the park on Thursday and I turned to you and said "Guess where we're going?" and your little eyes widened and you said with a squeal "AVENTURE". It's the first time I've ever heard you say that word. Every time I've buckled up your seat belt in the car I've said to you "Guess where we're going today Lucas, on an adventure!" and yes, buying milk from the corner store classifies as an adventure when you're with me kiddo ;)

Today you looked up at the sky and pointed to an aeroplane, I asked you if you've ever been on a plane and you said "Yep", which left me a little puzzled, could you actually remember being on a plane? So I asked you "where did you go on the plane?" and you used that word for the second time "AVENTURE" oh how right you were my son!

Last October we set off on an adventure through Japan. Can't believe it's been 6 months already and I can't believe how much you've grown in that time. So thankful we get to create memories like these with you. Looking forward to many more adventure with you.

Snoozing on the JR on our way into Tokyo
You loved our apartment in Tokyo especially that "little" room.
Trying to put an jet lagged toddler to sleep is no fun for anyone :(

Toddler asleep = time for a drink!
You and Dad in the "little" room. No it wasn't a kids room, that was apparently a couch for adults! We quickly learnt that everything is smaller in Japan, cars, vegetables, furniture even the laughing cow cheese is smaller in Japan!
The playground in the gardens of the Kyoto Imperial Palace...
...this is a more accurate picture of what was going on. You'd hear everyone clap and you'd simply assume they were clapping about how well you'd gone down the slide! Oh bless, we didn't have the heart to tell you that they weren't clapping for you.

This photo right here, what you can't see is that Dad is pushing your pram through little tinny pebbles and that we did this for one whole kilometre through the park. Who needs a gym when you're a parent!
This was the night where you finished your little rice bowl and you asked us for more prawns. We told you we didn't have any so you jumped off your little chair, walked over the the kitchen and started babbling at the kitchen staff asking for more prawns. I kid you not.
Golden Temple, Kyoto, mehh...clearly didn't impress you.
Mum's smiling at you, well that's a different story!

Sleep time for Lucas, tea time for Mum and Dad!

Oh you know, walking through Fushimi Inari-taisha and you decide, "I need to have pineapple NOW"   . You're little pit stop made a few people stop and laugh, let's just say it's not exactly the most practical spot to stop for a snack.
Lucas, seriously, that smile, those eyes and your eagerness for a cuddle! You are going to be one fine catch someday.

Lucas and the ladies. We're starting to notice a trend.
Toys we packed for this holiday = 3 balloons, a ribbon and a little red car. This purple ballon kept you entertained the whole way from Kyoto to Nara.

I was super keen on the deer, although if you take a closer look at the image on the right, maybe I wasn't as keen as I recall.
Doesn't everyone like to start their holidays at 4.30am each morning!?
Playing your little Japanese keyboard, you still love that thing!!
Always wondered what Buda looked like on the inside. I now wonder no more!
Kamakura, we loved this sleepy sea side town!
The video of this little moment is one of my favourite clips of you giggling.
A Lucas sized tunnel. You made us walk through these caves 4 times.
Mt Fuji in the distance!
We decided to have dinner, just the two of us...yep take away in the living room, just like our date nights at home!
Watching the washing.
Tokyo Skytree, this was the toughest hour of the holiday. Your little ears didn't adjust to the pressure going up the lift. We noticed your gums were bleeding (you were cutting two teeth) and you feel over and hit your head while you were cuddling a little boy. The view was insane but it was so hard to see you in so much pain. You felt much better after a sleep.
Meiji shrine.
A date at the Shinbuya Crossing Starbucks, yep you were asleep in the pram next to us!
Hakone. Hmmm, see those clouds to the right? Apparently Mt Fuji is just behind them, or so all the postcards told us :P
Takeshita Street, although it had nothing on the dress up costume thing we saw in Disneyland.
"Orevwa plane, it'll we meet again for our next big adventure!"