a tale of two hearts

we think we're on about vs what we're actually on about

I first heard the term "mission statement" sitting in a year 10 business studies class. I remember thinking what a waste, "are you seriously trying to tell me a few words on a page are really that important to a corporation?". 

Mission statements are typically a corporate thing aren't they. A super smart and wise friend challenged me a few years ago when he mentioned that we all implicitly carry personal mission or purpose statements or whatever you want to call it. We all hold beliefs about who we are and what we're on about.

Such a fascinating thought isn't it. 

Mission statements can be really amusing at times, some really make me laugh because you look at the organisation and then wonder, "really, is that really what you're on about cause that's not what it looks or feels like".  But then again, I guess as with corporate organisations there can sometimes be a disconnect between what we think we're on about and what we're actually on about.

Anyhooo...just a random thought.