a tale of two hearts

dubbo zoo

Adventures with you two are my absolute favourite!

Travel details and tips below for those interested: 

Where, when and how long did you go for: In March we went to Dubbo for 2 nights to visit the Western Plains Zoo. 

Where did you stay: We found a really quaint little cottage just outside of Dubbo, it was perfect! We loved it, lots of room for Lucas to run around and chase the chickens. We'd highly recommend it if you're making a trip to Dubbo with or without kids.

Tips: The one thing I wish I had known was to book the giraffe encounter tickets as soon as we got to the Zoo. They sell out super fast and for good reason! You get to feed a giraffe and it's only $7 per person but there are a limited number of spots for each day so you need to get in quick. 

A quick run down of how you explored the Zoo: Dubbo Zoo is a little different to your typical Zoo. You have the option of driving or riding a bike around the Zoo. It's large and the animal enclosures don't really feel like enclosures at all, the fences are mostly in a moat of sorts. At times you feel like you're out on a safari because it feels like there isn't anything between you and the animals. We decided to drive around the Zoo on the first day and we hired bikes for the second. They have food you can purchase at the Zoo but we packed food each day so we could have some flexibility to stop and eat when we wanted to.

What's the deal with the caves? Are they at the Zoo? No, they're not. On our way back to Sydney we stopped into the Wellington Caves. I had forgotten how big they were and that you get taken on a tour rather then just a self guided walk through them. If you're planning on adding a visit to the caves to your trip have a look at their tour times to make sure you're not waiting around for a tour. Lucas wasn't a fan of the caves at first. Turns out it's really dark in a cave! He warmed up after a few minutes and then really enjoy himself.