a tale of two hearts

around here lately

I have been itching to do a personal post on stuff that we've been up to on here for months but alas it's not as easy as it once was to carve out some self indulgent time. Once the little guy is in bed there is always a load of washing to be done, tidying up, dishes, client images to edit, emails to reply to, calls to make and my long lost friend sleep! So it's been quiet here and it probably will remain that way for a while but tonight I'm choosing to let my to do list remain untouched.

So here goes, a quick little recap on little happenings in our lives over the last few months.


Exploring the Grounds of Alexandria with little friends
Oh my heart - the way you look at Ali! Mean while Ben's still trying to decide what he thinks of it all :P
You were so desperate to see what was on the counter, that ledge you're standing on is tinny.
Michelle - I love our school holiday adventures with the kids as manic as they can get at times!
Celebrating Pop's Birthday.
Monkey see, monkey do!! And how I love my little monkey!
So much food, so little time.
Celebrating Sarah and little Abigail.
The gift you picked out for G-G for mothers day. You were so excited to give it to her.
Little half maco love.
Mothers day lunch - I'm behind the camera a lot so my heart just explodes when I see an image of the two of us.
Auntie Bec teaching you to paint.
Getting ready for a paddle in Noosa. 
Exploring Noosa.
5am walks though the national park at Noosa ...cause why not when you're up at 4.30am!
Playing cubby house in your cot.
A trip to the fire station.
Things were quiet and I found you building a tower all by yourself.
Stories with Bob before Dad heads to work.
All ready for band practise -don't worry the rest of the band couldn't tell you were nervous at all.
Taking Noris for a walk - I love that image on the left, spontaneous hugs from you are pure magic. 
Entertaining Jaya as best you know how.
Exploring Vivid, we thought you'd sleep in the pram. Oh how wrong we were!
Meeting Abigail for the first time.
Vivid - this night ended with you singing songs about "gold fish" and spiders. We were in stitches. You were sooo over tired and hilarious, "come on everybody...sing...gold fish"
Taking photos of your friends...I'm noticing a trend. No idea where you would get it from :P
Riding your bike at Sydney Park.  
Found you reading to yourself again.
Me watching the sun rise over Sydney in my sexy thermals. I love this pic, cause it's me as only you boys get to see me and I've never seen a pic of me like this before. Thanks for noticing that moment and for taking the image honey xx 
Lucas turned the camera on me. Top left and right- thing are going well. Bottom left and right...oh...wait...the camera is slipping out of his little hands.
Your Auntie Michelle threw you a little Humpty themed birthday play date celebration, she loves you well.
Just us at the Art Gallery. 
Play dates at Bitton
Cooking up a storm...or just roasting some muesli. 
Craft time...dad got home early so we got a pic of the two of us doing our thing.
Walks with Baba and Dedo.
One little monkey jumping on the bed.
Watching Circus Quirkus.
This photo just makes me laugh.
We love our Thursdays mornings at playgroup 
We took you to the aquarium for your birthday. Moments before this pic you said "My like fish...my eat fish?" heheh
[You're still learning when to say 'I']
Building with Dad. 
Catching up with some of my beautiful school friends.
Train trip into town.
You requested we sing you happy birthday multiple times a day in the weeks leading up to your birthday, this was one of those many times.
You and Robbie at his school while Viv and I worked on a little project together.
You and Da-Boys.
Deep in conversation with Humpty.
You and uncle Josh just chilling out the front of his cafe.
First swimming lesson!
Your first show at the Opera House with A class company!