a tale of two hearts

Celebrating Kelli and Johnny

1. 26hrs with you. A spot of shopping at the markets, a lunch in Noosa, ice-cream and long drives.
2. Kelli's Tom Cruise themed speech - OMG that woman is a genius.
3. Johnny's speech, that line about getting down on his knees, I'm still laughing.
4. Bec's speech "...and the blond twin"
5. That first dance, could it have been more perfectly choreographed for them, I'm still smiling thinking about it.
6. Kelli's dress, the setting, the thoughtfulness behind every little detail that made up the day. It was such a perfect celebration of them.
7. Discovering our friends have impeccable taste in friends.
8. Receiving a text telling us our 7am flight was cancelled...so we got an hour sleep in - winning.