a tale of two hearts

Matt and Lucinda's Wedding

I met Lucie in my first year out of uni. We were both wide eyed and enthusiastic having landed graduate spots for one of the big corporates. We spent the next few years being each others cheer leader, celebrating our wins over coffee and picking each other up when we'd hit walls. Having someone like Lucie in your corner is such a gift and that became more and more apparent to me as the years rolled on. She is rare and exceptional. She is an eternal optimist, has this contagious enthusiasm, overwhelming generosity that is expressed in both words and deeds, a thirst for adventure and seeking out new frontiers and this stunning ability to always see the beauty, the good, the lovely in those around her and to call it out. 

So when I finally got to meet Matt and I saw the way he looked at her I could tell he knew he'd found himself a rare gem in Lucie. 

To the old Hebrew proverb, "Who can find a wife of noble character? She is worth far more than rubies" I say...Matt can and did.

This day was such a perfect way to celebrate you both becoming a team. Such a beautiful, relaxed, intimate summer garden party, overflowing with decadent delights, in the most spectacular setting, cocktails overflowing, a marquee filled with tears of laughter and a dance floor bursting at the seams. 

Lucie, Matt, we can't quite explain how thrilled we are for you both. We love you both lots and are so excited for you and the great adventures that await you as Mr and Mrs.