a tale of two hearts


What a day, what a day, so beautiful. The weather was perfection, such a stunning setting, everything was styled so beautifully, but the day was so much more then that. 

You don't need to be around Caitlynn and Aaron for long to work out that they are "home" for each other. When they're around each other they light up, they both instantly relax and breath a little deeper and their smiles become a little broader. That, that right there is the gold, the treasure and real magic of a wedding day. When you get invited to witness two people declaring to the world, "you're  home to me". It's rare and when you see it, you know you're witnessing something sacred.

Caitlynn, Aaron thank you so much for inviting us into your incredible day. Hoping these images and the hundreds more to come your way make you smile and laugh in the years to come! 
. . . 
"Home is what happens when we are noticed and notice, when we are accepted and accept, cherished and cherish. Home is the mysterious reality called into being when we are summoned by the delighted acceptance of another person and they are summoned by ours...this summoning triggers an event of authenticity, of freedom to be ourselves to express and give ourselves, it quickens the real us, digs at the roots of our fearful hiding and calls us forth to just be."
C. Baxter Kruger