a tale of two hearts

around here lately

Here you go honey, some photos of us at home over the last few weeks.
Thanks so much for telling me how much you miss looking through photos on the blog. Will do my best to keep posting but no promises. 
Love you, love us, love this little crew of ours. 
"Mum I'll put on a show for Esther"
Dad giving Esther a bath in the sink.
"Mum I'll make her a beautiful dress"
Esther having a little nap amongst the chaos.

That night Baba and Dedo brought Lucas home after a day out with them and they had bought him roller skates so naturally he wanted to try them out before bed!
Ran and grabbed my camera when I found him looking at you like this Esther!
Lost in his little lego world and the random building materials he found.
You three on a weekday morning, again I ran and got my camera because this kinda stuff is pure joy to my heart! Oh and the little photo on the wall in the background of Lucas Esther and I. Lucas hung it up in that stop cause he wanted it in his room. 
Lucas chatting away to Dedo on facetime.
Just two besties lounging around.
Esther having morning cuddles with Dad.
Lucas wearing the jumper baba made him. I wanted to take a photo of but he wanted to do was climb  the railing!
Playing twister with Baba.
Love the look she's giving you in this photo Lucas - hehe!
Oh Esther, have I told you today how much I love you or what an incredible person you are! You can't read so as soon as you wake up I'll make sure to do that.
Walking down the stairs ready to decorate the Christmas tree.
The way Lucas tugged on your shirt J so you'd slow down so you could say hi to Esther. Seriously, I love you guys.
Lucas and his canoe with the baby bath we borrowed from the Scip's and the wood Ross dropped off.
Oh how I love finding you sitting with a book.
Esther - you. Just look at you. Is it any wonder I'm constantly kissing your face!
You came home from work, opened his door and saw him asleep but not exactly in bed.
Lucas wrote Santa a letter. Asked for 1. A blow up Jet-Ski 2. A picture of a panda on a log.
Lucas asked us to put lights up on the house, we said later so he said he'd do it now.
So hard to get him to look at the camera with a natural smile!! I love this photo of you took of him even with the pile of laundry behind him on the ironing board.
Found him drawing. He said it was a spider in a web, not a bad effort!
Esther hanging out on the change table, can't believe how big you are baby girl. Lucas with his paintings. I surprised him and hung them on his wall. He  noticed them as he was about to go to bed and this massive smile came across his face "Mum did you put my paintings up? They look great!" he paused "thank you mum". And yet again I melted. 
Esther, stop it, you are so incredibly sweet my girl. That phrase, my girl, still blows me away that you're here and part of our family, wow.

You two just being you. Don't ever stop. 

Love you so much.

xx Mum