a tale of two hearts

about last saturday

A few of my favourite things from last Saturday:

1. My amazing breakfast salad - sooo good!
2. GG's beautiful words at brunch
3. Aaron playing Humpty basket ball with Lucas
4. Chatting to Sophie
5. The Nutella birthday cake you surprised me with
6. Running around and discovering the Ian Potter Garden with Lucas 
7. Watching him make friends and run around that magical garden as though they were the "Lost Boys" from Peter Pan
8. Esther. Full stop and always. That girl blows my mind and heart.
9. Watching you reading them stories before bed.

I love that I get to share blowing out a birthday cake with GG (and now Lucas :P) every year, it's one of my favourite things about my birthday.
Esther, you are amazing! I love, love, love being your mum!