a tale of two hearts

scenes from a birthday week

A few scenes from my birthday week. Honey, thank you so much for all the effort you went to with both the big and little things, you made me feel so loved and cared for.

Enjoying Q station with our little princess - thank you for organising that day, it ticked all the box's!

Dinner with just the two of you and a whole lot of oysters!
It may seem small but it was so nice to be able to give Esther a bath together to be able to stop, breath, soak her up and be hit with gratitude for the fact that she is here with us and so healthy.
Thank you for continuing to indulge me with my "it's my birthday so we're all going for a boat ride" antics!

Man I love you two - looking forward to watching you make her light up for years to come. Even if it requires dad jokes at times.
Heheh...no idea what I'm thinking or about to say here!

This was such a beautiful night, laughed so much, so thankful for them.
He left dad and started swimming towards the boat we were all puzzled and then he starts shouting "Dedo I need to go help mum, she needs help jumping off the boat!" So sweet!

This guy's got moves!
So thankful you could make it this year and see him loose himself in the magic!
As soon as he landed in the water he announced "That was my first time jumping off a boat!" and then started muttering to himself "no sharks, no sharks"!
Oh Esther, you are such a social little butterfly!
I become more thankful and in awe of them with each day that passes. 
"Mummy, there is no way your breakfast is tastier then this little finger of mine!"
I see what you did there with the crop honey...and I very much appreciate it :P
That little smile. I was taking a photo with my phone and the second I pulled the big camera out she pulled that smile out for me "ah that's better mum, I'll smile for the proper camera!" 
These three are forever unknowingly challenging me to be braver, wiser and kinder as a mum, wife and friend. So thankful to have women who continually raise the bar and inspire me with their mere presence in my life.

Lucas putting on a 'show' for us all. Pulled the chairs out of the house and all!

I love this pic of us. We were both so exhausted but so full - I think it's my favourite photo of us from this last year. 

32 was a big year. It was a year full of pain, hard, hard, really hard things, for me, for you, for our little family. It was a year full of tears and heartaches, a year full of 2am conversations, long pauses, waiting, so much waiting but it was also the year we met Esther, we dug deep, we discovered treasures buried deep within ourselves, buried in each other and we got a new vision for what 'gold' looks like for us, for our family. We read, we prayed, we played worship songs on repeat for days on end, it was such a tough year but such a rich year, one that shook us to our core and one where new foundations were laid. 

"No wise man ever wished to be younger"
Jonathan Swift

I get it Mr Swifty. Wisdom is rarely attained without a cost. Once you've paid that cost you wouldn't trade it, even for your youth because what you now posses is so much more precious then anything you held in your youth.

So hello 33 - bring it!