a tale of two hearts

Christmas day 2017

Christmas day. A few memories I don't want to forget:

- Lucas's excitement as he walked down the stairs to see if Santa had come.
- The way he cried when he thought Santa had forgotten to give him a jet ski because the box that was wrapped up was too little to possibly be a jet ski.
- The way he paused and his little heart broke when he realised Santa had forgotten to bring you and I  a presents and the way he then told us that he would help us write our letters to Santa next year so Santa would bring us something next year. 
- The way he excitedly opened Esther's gift for her and then told her all about it.
- Sitting in the kids room with listening to carols and watching Lucas dance singing Christmas carols to Esther and us.
- Dedo whispering to Lucas his bon-bon joke so you could recount it to us all by himself. "How do you hire a horse? You raise it on four bricks!".
- By far my favourite moment was watching Lucas out on his little jet ski with Dedo. He had dreamed of riding a jet ski in the ocean for months. His vision, patience and determination to make it happen. Amazing. And the joy on his face when it finally happened. Incredible. May you always dream with such clear vision and go after your dreams with such determination my boy!! Can't tell you how much joy it brings Dad and I to see you do that. 
It made me stop and wonder if the joy and pleasure I experience seeing you enjoy yourself that much is a glimpse of the joy God feels when He watches me enjoy in and delight in you and Esther.
- Visiting Tanya's grave and discovering that the gorgeous angle sculpture mum and dad had commissioned had finally been installed. That was so, so special. So special. Ahh, so much I could write about that but I'll leave it for another day. 
- Walking along one of my favourite bits of the Australian coast line with my little family and parents. 

It wasn't our typical Christmas day, it was a lot quieter and slower then the usual, but it was so good. That stillness made me realise how much beauty there is always around us to be appreciated and enjoyed.