a tale of two hearts

Luna Park

Man, you guys are so much fun - so thankful for our little tribe.

Lucas, we went on the ferris wheel! Finally!
That's you a little anxious about it all in the queue. 
I thought I'd take a selfie of us on the ferris wheel. I only realised you pulled this face when I downloaded the photos onto the computer! Heheh.
There we go, much better!
Esther, seriously, you are the happiest most joyful little girl I've ever met. You light up out world! Well ours and anyone who happens to make eye contact with you these days. 
Hey Esther, what face did Dad and Lucas pull going down the slide?! Oh that's the one!
Lucas, this was my favourite moment of the day. You ducked under the red rope before we were allowed to go in and ran into the mirrored maze. I looked at the guy in charge and he nodded that I should go in after you. I got in and saw 6 of you and had no idea which one was you and you were laughing so much "come get me mum". I could not stop laughing, I chased after you for about a minute before I finally found you. You are so much fun to be around Lucas. Your friends are going to be so lucky to get to hang out with you, never a dull moment in your company my son, you always know how to have a good time!

Honey thank you so much for all these photos of me with the kids xx