a tale of two hearts

pizza making with jez

Dear Jez,

Thank you. Thank you for being so incredibly thoughtful and generous with the way you love us. Thank you for always making the effort to spend time with us whenever you are in town, thank you for embracing the chaos and joy that comes along with little people. Thank you for playing 'Go Fish' with Lucas. Thank you for the cuddles you gave Esther (and the crazy cute outfit!). Thank you for chatting away with Lucas and making him feel so loved. Thank you for being so sweet and brining dough to make pizza's with him. 

I've said it before and happily say it again. If anyone wants to show me how much they love and care for me, love my children well!

And man do you do that well!!

Love and adore your heart Jez. Why do you have to live so far, seriously, what's NY got that we don't have here in sunny Sydney!!

Don't answer that questions :P