a tale of two hearts

5 months

Esther you turned 5 months old this week.

A few things I don't want to forget:
- Your smile. We can not get over how much you smile! You are the easiest baby in the world to take a photo of. I pull the camera out and I say "Hey Esther!" you look up and beam! 
- You are so content and chilled, except for when you see someone eating and they're not offering you some, then you make your voice heard!
- You've started babbling, a lot in these last few days. You've been babbling for a while but now it's like you're trying to tell stories.
-Dad witnessed a milestone that I missed! I thought that was pretty kind of you to give him that. You two were hanging out one morning while Lucas and I were asleep and you rolled, twice, from your back onto your tummy. 
- You love, love your brother. You light up when we pick him up from preschool, you get so excited when he jumps in to have a bath with you, pretty much anytime he comes near you, you start smiling, giggling, kicking your arms and legs everywhere in excitement. Oh and the way you giggle when he's trying to make you laugh, it's so special!!
- You are stunning, seriously, you are getting cuter by the day, if that's even possible. You are so much fun to be around Esther, your gorgeous little personality is growing by the day, you are such a delight, such a joy!

Love mama