a tale of two hearts

may you stumble

And just like that you're off. Off to make your own adventures. Adventures I'll only be privy to if you choose to tell me about them. 
I'm so excited for you. I've kept telling you all week how excited I am about preschool and you keep asking me "Mum, preschool is for kids, you can't come, so why are you excited?" 
So let me explain why I'm so excited for you. 
I'm excited not only about all the fun I've told you you'll have but I'm also excited about the hard stuff. I know that may sound strange and counter intuitive, most mum's are a little teary about exactly that stuff when it comes to the first day of preschool, or kindergarten. The fact that I'll no longer be there to comfort you but that there is exactly why I'm excited.
Hear me out. 
For the last three and a half years I have poured all I have into your little heart, at every opportunity I've given it my best to make sure you know that you are loved, that you are enough just as you are, that you have everything you will ever need, in you just as you are. And now, you are taking your first baby step out into the world by yourself to slowly discover those truths on your own. And those truths my boy are only learnt, really learnt by falling, by failing, by having your heart broken by that friend who's company you love but they wake up one morning and decide they don't want to play lego with you anymore, by having your tower knocked down when you spent so much time and effort building it so your teacher could see it. Recovering from those scrapes, those heart breaks although small will teach your heart the truths I've been whispering to you since you were born, truths about who you are, how strong and resilient you are and that joy resides in your regardless of the circumstances. 
It's one thing for mum to tell you that stuff and it's an entirely different thing for you to stumble upon the reality of your own resilience, the magnitude of your own strength and the depth of your kindness and joy. 

So stumble away my son!