a tale of two hearts

about this little blog

Hi, thanks for dropping by!

This little blog is dedicated to J (aka Mr Wonderful) and I. This is our little place on the web where I document what we've been up to with family and friends, what we're excited and looking forward to. Hence the name. U (Mr Wonderful) I (me, Tina) and LOVE

I'm the girl with the big crush on her husband. Pretty much all the posts are written to J or to our little man, so they may or may not make sense to you and I'm ok with that. However if you're in any way encouraged reading through the blog then please feel free to read away.

For those interested, we do offer a professional photography service, for more details click through to our photography site here.

[The disclaimer: This blog is far from a true reflection of our lives (more on that here). It's a 'family album' of sorts. Life is really hard at times, it's not all holiday photos and amazing evenings with friends but that is essentially what you see when you flick through family albums or Instagram feeds isn't it! Motherhood isn't as easy as it looks in the photos we take, it's hard work but my mind naturally dwells all too easily on the obstacles and challenges, so I need no help remembering those - which is why you won't see them documented here.]