about this little blog

Hi, welcome and thanks for being here. 

I started this little blog many moons ago because I was young and had lots of free time. Back then I worked for a large corporate. I enjoyed the work, I was good at what I did and had the privilege of working along side incredibly talented individuals.

Offices, however can be a rather dull and uninspiring environments. The work I did for the corporate I worked for was technical in nature and I noticed that when working on a complex project for an extended timeframe, my brain would crave down time. It craved something entirely different to what it was working on and that is how this little corner of the web came to be. It functioned as an oasis that my mind could escape too. This blog became a project that required something entirely different from me. This blog also formed a space where I could remind myself that my corporate work served the life we were dreaming of building, not the other way around. 

See those two little faces in the image above, Lucas and Esther, they were a big part of the dream we had for our life. Long before they arrived on the scene I knew where I would want to be once they were here and much to the surprise of many, it wasn't in an office. Who knows maybe one day I'll return to the corporate offices of the world but for now I know I'm where I want to be not because our kids need me to be but because it's where I feel most alive. 

What you'll find here are some of my musings, images of life, from the big overseas adventures to the mundane magic of home life, as well as a good smattering of love notes to Jarrod and the kids and in and amongst all that I hope you find some inspiration to love and delight in those you do life with and to craft a life that is true to who you are. 

x Tina